ST4R SQUAD assemble! Expect the unexpected in this brand new 8-part series that sees eight Rookies battle it out in the arena of brains, brawn, character and creativity to become okto’s four new all-rounder ST4R SQUAD. Fronted by Sheikh Haikel & Vernetta Lopez, every week, eight Rookies will undergo an intense bootcamp, competing in skills-based and thought-provoking challenges like hosting, singing, acting, physicality, brain power, multi-tasking, photo shoots, lip-sync battles and dance-offs. Each episode features local celebrities Gurmit Singh, Wang Weiliang, Suhaimi Yusof, Diana Ser, Aaron Khoo and Janice Chiang from Tree Potatoes and Thelioncityboy Kevin Lester, who will mentor and judge the eight Rookies’ weekly performance. Only four will eventually be crowned the ST4R SQUAD! Watch it here!

With You

The unsung public service heroes are brought to the foreground for their efforts during the SEA Games 2015, State Funeral and Sabah Earthquake Tragedy. Watch it here.