Current Mood in Hoods INC.

Cai Png
Green (Hair)
Levels Rising

Latest Project

Singapore radio personalities embrace the small screen as they get opinionated and topical with their unique brand of humour. U 4 Real? is on MeWatch now.

Sink or swim? It’s a race against time as we prepare for a climate change project that sheds light on what will happen if we do not care for the environment. Coming to you in Oct 2022!

Do you know your rights? Let our friendly security guard educate you on whether you are working right. Watch out for it in end Sept 2022.

K-Pop is in the air as we develop a top secret musical project. All will be revealed in ‘five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes’. Watch this space!

It’s internship season! Good luck applicants!!!

What's Happening

This year of the Tiger, we are wildly excited to roar our way through many new and exciting purr-jects. Working tiger-ther with our local and regional teams, we look forward to bringing you grrr-eat content for the whole family!

Also introducing our new Wellness Wooficer, Buddy! WELCOME BUDDY!

And if you feel like this resonates with you, then… budding editors, animators, producers, directors, writers… WE WANT YOU! Email us your CV if you have what it takes to make a difference in content creation, production, post-production, media-related tech and operations.