Conceptualisation, Production Services, Pre-Production, Full Production, Post-Production & Studio Facilities - multi-platform high-end productions for all genres

Hoods Inc. Productions houses core creatives for multiple genres, media platforms and budgets. We specialise in programmes and 360 initiatives with mass appeal through unique messaging with high recall:


  • Social messaging with action driven content in Zero Hero, The Sonic Warrior and Ninja Nat and through online content targeting the youth in WWF’s Plight of the Orangutan
  • Unique, high recall content for TV commercials and online series, Double Trouble, Yellow Pages TVC, Only Hear The Good Stuff, CNA International “Hands”, Decolgen Soccer, IMAX, Go Places With Yoga
  • High quality, high retention videos for the pre-school market – Yamaha Asia music-themed videos, Caterpillar’s Cove & MCYS Growing With Your Child videos for children and parents
  • Positive youth messaging through arts edutainment, Ooboo & Booboo’s Uploaded, and social & moral values, ST4R SQUAD, Yolo Pronto!, SSSOFAT, Busy Body, Fableicious, Cosmo & George, Stories Of Love & The Magnificent Code, for television and online platforms
  • Rebranding content – eg. arts for the masses, Knockout (Original, All Stars, Carnival & Adventure), Front & Singapore International Festival of Arts “Living Together”
  • Adult programming across a wide range of target demographics, platforms and genres – Double Trouble, K By Kumar, Front, Voilah!, Too Raw For TV, Love & Other Four Letter Words, The Section, Heart Of Darkness: The Making Of A Comedy, Random Acts & City Sharks
  • Multi-platform high-end productions in multiple genres – Pulau Hantu, Let Elephants Be Elephants, UAE IDEX, RISE, In Service Of Our Nation/With You


The above are a few key projects that have been highly successful due to our trans-media approach while staying true to the content, demographic,branding, budget and deadlines from the client and broadcaster. In the 90s, in full time positions at MediaCorp, our core team brought family comedy to new heights with Under One Roof and Phua Chu Kang, while breaking new ground with info-ed in Kids Talk Back and the business of entertainment in Capital e.


Since forming Hoods Inc. Productions in 2001, we have pursued more adult comedies/dramas in The Celebration, Random Acts, City Sharks, K by Kumar, Double Trouble, Pulau Hantu and Love & Other Four Letter Words, and honed in on arts series with Front, Score and Presidential Art. We also received the Friend of the Arts Award (POA) for our support of local artists and arts groups.


We added social causes and children’s edutainment to our portfolio with WWF’s Plight of the Orangutan, ASEAN’s Rise, MCYS’ Growing With Your Child, Yamaha’s Asian Promo for children, NTUC’s Caterpillar’s Cove, Cosmo & George, Zero Hero and The Magnificent Code on education and etiquette.


We found phenomenal success with Knockout, an 8 part arts, culture and heritage magazine series that has turned into 300 episodes and 150 webisodes in its 8 year run. Having received hoards of emails from schools and parents, we created the spin-off, Knockout All Stars, with over 260 child participants aged 8 to 15, followed by Knockout Carnival. (Excerpts from PACE 2009-2011 Report: “PACE observed that okto has produced quality info-education programmes for school-going children, like Knockout, which introduces children to the arts as it features different art forms and arts-related jobs. MDA has also been working closely with English language channels to provide engaging PSB programmes like the popular children’s comedy, Zero Hero”.)


Our follow-up series, Yolo Pronto!, has become the highest rated youth magazine programme in Singapore, and has garnered the highest loyalty figures for any series in 2017.


Over a 16 year period, we have produced 3 International projects, 11 Feature Films, Telemovies and Documentaries, 35 TVCs, Corporate & Government Videos, 42 Public Service Messaging Programmes, 585 Online Webisodes and 575 Television Episodes and counting…


An industry leader in the use of new technology to enhance our productions, we were the first in the region to work on Super 35mm for an award winning road trip feature film in 2002. We were also the first in South East Asia and one of the first dozen in the rest of the world to use the Red Camera for an MDA funded telemovie in January 2008. The workflow we created was generated into a technical bible and shared with industry players in Singapore. In 2013, we again pioneered the use of the BMCC cameras for a long form lifestyle series and a youth based dramedy.


Our team of experienced and dedicated writers, producers, directors,designers, technical crew, musicians, editors, production consultants, language experts, script doctors, child psychologists and associated partners, will further boost our workforce and technical capabilities, maximise content and production quality for the myriad of 360 platforms and genres untapped in the market today.


From feature films to documentaries, current affairs, comedies, dramas, lifestyle and reality series, online webisodes, App content, viral messaging, TVCs and youth-based programming, we have consistently increased in size, turnover, productivity, quality and capability since forming in 2001.