TAFEP Hashtag Video Series

TAFEP! Hashtag Video Series: A series of short clips depicting healthy and unhealthy workplaces and practices. Strive to be #FairAtWork and fight workplace discrimination and harrassment. Check out the series on Facebook and YouTube!


Join our Scoop Troop as we take you on a journey of discovery about life. From gaining insight on important world news to learning useful hacks, general knowledge trivia, character-based skits and wacky battle of the generations, this show is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know. Making learning fun with a combination of entertainment and education, catch Scoop! Pilot now on meWATCH!

Mount Emily: Guardians of the Crystal

A series that spans time and space, this is the story of two frenemies who find themselves lost in the most outrageous era – the 1980s and in their mothers’ bodies no less. Adapted from the successful novel by author Low Ying Ping, join the girls for a crazy adventure as they try to find their way home. Watch it here on Toggle!

Yolo Pronto! 3

Yolo Pronto returns for another rip-roaring ride, filled with bite-sized, youth-related infotainment segments. In its third season, television’s unique blend of education and entertainment is reinvigorated with more demanding physical missions, quirkier science facts, greater exploration on youth issues and more thought-provoking, character-revealing truths through social experiments. Check it out here on Toggle!