NOV 2019

We collaborated with Finding Pictures, The Flying Kick Asia and Immersively on a VR initiative, Seventh Day, for Southeast Asia’s largest underground animation festival, Cartoons Underground 2019!

SEP 2019

We collaborated with MOM to bring four quintessential Singaporean workers to the heartlands to create greater awareness on fair employment practices; through interactive billboards.

JUL 2019

“How can we give our best at work if we have to hide who we are?” We had the opportunity to interview potential employers and employees in a one-of-a-kind job fair which sets out to eliminate discrimination and prejudice in the workplace. Check out the video here!

Apr 2019

Created in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower for the Future of Work conference held in Singapore in April, we explore stories about Singaporeans who have been given the opportunity to upgrade or diversify their skills. Read more at and watch it here!